We would like to wish our partners, Caledonian Brave all the best for the forthcoming season! Caledonian Brave are using Acumen Sports Planner to the best of its ability for their planning and organisational workflow. Alongside this, it allows the coaching staff to provide feedback and analysis to the players.

Caledonian Brave currently play in the Scottish Lowland League, and aim to progress through the Scottish Leagues throughout the coming seasons. We are delighted to provide organisational support to such a forward thinking club, and are excited to see how they progress while using our state of the art software.

Throughout July, our partners AM Sports Tours used Acumen Sports Planner within their Pro Youth Experience Program.

Acumen Sports Planner provided the coaches with a central database to store all of their session plans, training video, matches, video analysis and player attendance and statistics. Players had the capability to review both their performances in training and matches, allowing discussions with coaches on certain technical and tactical aspects.

The pictures above show how the software was used to the best of its capabilities by the highly qualified coaches. Coaches used the “Analysis” section heavily in order to present to the players any pre match analysis, and to review the match with them as a group.

The players were also set tasks by the coaches to review the matches on their own devices and provide answers to written questions and in group discussions.

You can watch what one of the coaches, Craig Easton had to say on using the Acumen Sports Planner over the two weeks. Craig has played at a high level, with over 400 career games across England and Scotland. He has most recently been the Reserves Manager for Scottish professional club Dundee United.